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Hey! My name is Kelly VanZant, I’m a professional photographer, a student of the arts, and entrepreneur. 

A little about me! 


At age 9 I was diagnosed with severe learning disabilities. Ever since, I have been working hard to improve myself and rise above the barricades that stopped me from learning. 


On top of all that, I was and still am an unwavering perfectionist. This unlikely combination of severe learning disabilities and perfectionism created turmoil for my inner-self at a young age, which in turn made it extremely difficult for me to function on an academic level. 


Currently I can proudly say that I have overcome many of those trials! And at this very moment I’m attending a fabulous art college! 


This art college I will strengthen my skills as a photographer, challenge my ideas about art, and most importantly to grow VanZantImagery as a business. 


I started VanZantImagery at the age 16. This included a website and a registered LLC. At that time the trajectory was to create a tailored platform where I could express myself and showcase my artwork. 


After four long years, VanZantImagery has been growing just as much as I have! Part of VanZantImagerys growth is reflecting on the annual updates! 


The newest addition to VanzantImagery was the new column of “Abstract” art.  Recently I have been testing out different ways to transform my photography to make it more outstanding and interesting. I’m happy to say the new update of the “Abstract” column reflects that nicely!

My ambition as a professional photographer: 


I want to make a name for myself in the photography community. Being a woman and having learning disabilities, I know it’s important for me and others like me to have a voice. 

Especially in an industry that is dominated by males. That’s right, according to Fashioninsta “(In the photography) industry…only 13.7 percent of cover images (are) being shot by women. ”  Apr 4, 2018 


The reason why photography is so important to me is because in some of the darkest parts of my life, photography was the rope that I needed to escape. At a young age as I explained before I had a lot of internal conflict with myself. I struggle to find happiness, as well as a place to belong. Even more importantly I felt like I never had a direction or a purpose. 


When learning in school I often struggled with understanding the most basic of concepts. When reading a book or looking at articles online I often found myself being drawn to photos. This is because I can understand and get a better grasp of what I was supposed to gain through those images. 


When I discovered photography, it just clicked for me. All of the visual learning that I was desperately asking for, now is something I can create on my own. I felt like I had discovered what I needed to do in this world. Thus, photography created a better me in turn. 


My objective as a student of the arts:


I am a sponge and I crave to be dropped into the vast ocean. I will absorb as much of my salty surroundings as possible. 


When in a certain career, it is important to be educated on your path. There are more opportunities than words in the English Dictionary that can be opened up with education. The best way to thrive is to be proficient at your field. Nevertheless we as individuals can always be greater. My objective is not just to grasp photography, instead master and branch out to new mediums. 


To stay ahead of the curve is to be groundbreaking. 

My goal as an entrepreneur:


VanZant Imagery is my child. Who doesn’t want to see their kid grow up and become successful? 

I may have started a little young to start a business, but it was worth it! Now, I understand the importance of dedication, sacrifice and how to balance my sleep schedule. 


Hopefully you will join our family, and follow us on the journey of growth and exploration! My wish is that VanZant Imagery will be able to serve thousands of clients / friends. I want everybody to know that VanZant Imagery is a thriving business owned by a young woman with big dreams and I’m ready to serve you, the customer! <3

We all have a lot to learn, and hopefully we go through it together! 

More about my learning disabilities:


I was diagnosed with severe ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.



Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological condition that causes a person to process thoughts in a quick firing pattern with constant interference and interruptions throughout daily functioning or process development.



Is when someone has a difficulty in learning how to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols. This doesn’t equate to being less intelligent, yet means they learn differently. 



Refers to when someone has a challenge with writing. It impacts skills like handwriting, typing, and spelling.



When someone has specific and persistent difficulty in understanding numbers which can lead to a diverse range of difficulties with mathematics. One example is a challenge of tracking calendar dates.  



Usually coupled with other disorders like ADHD.  This disorder creates challenges like balance and movement issues, poor hand-eye coordination, difficulty writing or using a keyboard. (AKA Clumsiness)


These disadvantages are a pain, in a world where reading, writing and math are the core foundations of communication and success in our society. 

However my mother didn’t raise a quitter, so I battled my challenge head on (with lots of help of course). 


Nonetheless it took everything I had, to break down and overcome even the smallest challenges.


There were days in my past where I didn’t believe I could make it. 


Even with all the assistance I was given. 


I would like to take a minute here, and thank the amazing individuals that have changed my life for the better. 



Thank you:


Mr. Hines : 7-9 Grade homeroom teacher. Inspired my business acumen. Demonstrated dedication, sacrifice and a positive mindset. 


Ms. DeBruyn : High School American Sign Language and Criminalistic teacher. Exemplified how overcoming physical challenges is a mindset. As well as, a strong inspirational women and photographer figure. 


Lori : High School Tutor, always inspiring positive mindset and strong academic accumulation. 


Mis. Totten : Teaches an incredible High School photography class. Passionate about photography and education. Always making each subject enjoyable! 


Andrea and Finley : Andrea High School Reading and Writing teacher. Strong female role model and passionate teacher! Finley High School therapist, easy to talk to, always enjoys someone’s company. 


Chris, Jenny and Loxi : Always welcoming me into their wonderful home and treating me like family. Photography shoots are so easy because your family is so beautiful.


Alana : Teaching me to let go and have lots of fun. Also introducing me to their beautiful family. 


Grandma : Always unconditionally loving me and introducing me to new people! 


Grandpa : Holster always loaded with the best dad jokes. As well as always being supportive of me! 


Favorite : Welcoming me arms wide open to Wisconsin. And always being my zip line partner 4 life. 


Mom : Always being my cheerleader, and hard core life coach. 




To all the people that helped me on my journey. Thank you, I know my life would have been a lot more excruciating without you. 


Even though I have jumped over some pretty high hurdles in my life. I know my challenges aren’t over for me. I will have to struggle with these disabilities throughout my entire life. Along with always discovering new problems to solve. Nevertheless I know I’ll always find amazing people that will support me and vice versa. 

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