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All Seeing Crow

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

All Seeing Crow

All Seeing Crow was a picture I took at the Seattle zoo, when I was on a school flied trip. I took this picture while I was standing on a huge rock that overlooked the penguin exhibit. Funny enough the penguins didn’t catch my eye as much as the crow did. But to be fair the crow was in arms reach of me, so it was hard not to notice it. The second I snapped a photo of it, it flew off to the other side of the exhibit. Luckily enough I just so happen to get a good picture of it before it flew off to find a differ place to perch. I’m really glad I paid attention to my surroundings otherwise I wouldn’t have got that shot. I like taking photos of animals, not only for their beauty but sometimes I feel like I can capture what they might be thinking. This crow was looking towards the entryway of the zoo across the penguin exhibit. It was the early morning hours and crowds were pouring into the zoo as it had just begun to open the doors. I wondered if the crow had chosen that new perch, not because I had startled it, but because it was feeding time for the penguins!

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