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Long Road

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Long Road

Long Road is a picture taken during a long road trip in my home state of Washington. the road, so I sadly don’t know the exact location. Washington is full of roads like this, where tall trees cover the sides and there is a drizzle on many days making a ominous view. However, something about this day and this shot that made me grab my camera. It has so many natural optical illusions within it. I took this picture while the car was moving forward and I was sitting in the passenger seat. Rain was hitting the windshield and I had to be patient for the wipers to get out of the view. I like how the headlights of the oncoming car are so tiny and seem to come from the unknown. I also like the balance of the shot with the depth of the disappearing trees on either side and yet the deception of the stripes in the road. When you turn this photo upside down the headlights of the car almost disappear. For some reason, I find that I can sit and stare at this picture for a long time and find it satisfying.

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