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Summer Flowers

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Summer Flowers

When I am looking at an abstract shot, I find a great deal of joy and freedom of creativity. Later as I review and edit the pictures, I really enjoy naming them as this freedom of creativity returns and the names naturally seem to pop into my head such as “Blood and Soul”, “Liquid Dreams”, “Just Paint”, and of course this one “Summer Flowers”.

“Summer Flowers” feels like a warm summer day, embraced in a HUGE warm, pink, red, orange, yellow flower field. The pastels make me think of spring, and looking at this piece I see floating butterflies from the various shapes throughout the frame. In actuality this shot was taken up close inside a glass bowl. It wasn’t my original intent to choose this angle, however I admired the bowl and as I was determining how to best capture its vivid, yet soft colors that’s when it caught my eye – I needed to capture the “Summer Flowers” to express the inner beauty.

I enjoy doing abstract photography as it has a way of challenging my creativity. What do you see in my abstract pictures? Please write me and give me your thoughts!

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