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What A Wonderful Place

You never know when you are going to stumble into a treasure-trove of a photographers’ wonderland. “What A Wonderful Place” was exactly that type of discovery! While looking for a cup of coffee on a typical cold cloudy Seattle day, I stepped inside a street café. All the lights were on but the restaurant was empty and all the staff were in the back-kitchen area – maybe getting ready for the dinner crowd. At first, I walked inside to try to find someone, then I started to notice all the knickknacks and I was instantly mesmerized. As you can see this beautiful panting lights up the room. Hanging from the ceiling are these happy accordions all stretched out in various positions. I took this angle hoping to capture their spunky personality that they displayed. From this perspective you could almost hear them playing as if they were dancing along the sky. Thinking back on it now, I never got my cup of coffee, in fact I never saw anyone come out from the back of the kitchen. However, I left feeling satisfied and all warm inside knowing I had captured a fun shot to share with others. I hope you enjoy it too.

What A Wonderful Place

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