Needle in a Glass Haystack

I was inspired by the glass craftsman Chihuly, as I watched him guide a team to create a piece of art at the Tacoma Museum of Glass. This inspiration led me to study and take photographs of his amazing work as an appreciation and love for his sculptures created from his ability to “bends fire”. I’ve titled this photograph “Needle in a Glass Haystack” because like Chihuly, the Seattle Needle is a well-recognized, one-of-a-kind iconic symbol that represents the hidden creativity and beauty of Washingtonians. I strive as a documentary photographer to get the right angles and balance to capture the story within a single photograph. In this photograph I took the perspective using the Space Needle as the main focus because it is a historical landmark of our state. I surrounded this landmark with the fragile yet brilliant beauty of Chihuly’s glass sculpture. Overlapping sculptures from homegrown local artists was my way of demonstrating new growth in the population of the never-ending creativity in Washington. They represent sacrifice, strength and endurance and as a result provide inspiration to the next generation.

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